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The client’s best interests are at the heart of the legal profession, but clients have no obligation to protect the interests of their legal representative. This can lead to attorneys engaged in costly lawsuits with former clients. Minuteman offers specific legal industry professional liability insurance, which covers the costs of lawsuits, both serious and trivial, giving you the peace of mind to carry on doing what you do best.

Does your law firm need better insurance rates with better coverage?

If things do not go as expected, it is more and more common for clients to sue their legal representation.

While any claim against you may be trivial and unfounded, the costs of defending even frivolous claims can be huge. While in the majority of cases, claims against lawyers never see the courts—having been settled beforehand—the costs of settlement and defense can be significant.

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Legal professionals liability insurance underpins your law practice with financial security. Minuteman works with insurance carriers across the U.S., so we compare multiple policies to find optimum coverage with the lowest rates for attorneys and lawyers.

What are the benefits offered by Attorneys Insurance?

Minuteman’s legal professionals insurance is designed to offer protection against the increasing risks facing individual lawyers and legal firms. These risks can arise from losses associated with errors and omissions, and negligence that may occur while delivering services.

At Minutemen, we tailor insurance policies to your specific business risks, so you only pay for what you need—based on your risk.  

  • Lawyers Professional Liability
  • Business Property Insurance
  • General Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Crime Insurance
  • Cyber Liability

And if you have employees, we offer employee-related insurance such as:

  • Employment Related Practices
  • Workers Compensation

Along with business insurance, Minuteman offers a range of personal insurance including:

  • Homeowners
  • Jewelry Coverage
  • Auto/Motorcycle/Boat
  • Vacation/Second Home Insurance

Why choose Minuteman for Lawyer’s Insurance?

You work with trusted expert advisors

Our team is trained to handle the complex area of legal professional liability insurance. We operate through a well-established network of licensed agents.

You get economical quotes and great service

We partner with insurers across the nation and take a wide view of the market, making multiple comparisons of policies. We offer cost-effective quotes tailored to you and your business.

Our claims specialists are on your side

Our legal professional liability claims specialists will work with you pre-claim and as you make a claim. Our responsiveness delivers great results, but if a decision initially goes against you, we are on your side and help you contest poor decisions.

Protect your business and profits from unpredictable clients—talk to us about legal professional liability insurance today.


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