Utility Interruption Insurance

For a modern business faced with today’s risks, business continuity is key. When you’re faced with an event of significant magnitude, Utility Interruption Insurance keeps your business going—easing cash-flow and getting your doors open asap.

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What does Utility Interruption Insurance cover?

Many occurrences can cut you off from the grid. Weather is the most obvious, with powerful events like windstorms or hail. But fire, and even vandalism, can prove equally calamitous.

In such circumstances, Utility Interruption Insurance will pay for the direct loss of income and cover ongoing expenses such as mortgage, salaries, taxes, and advertising costs. It can even help you relocate if necessary.

What does Utility Interruption Insurance not cover?

Insurance carriers won’t pay for a total loss of earnings associated with losing access to utilities, only the net loss of earnings. Given the timeframes involved with utility interruption, this is usually more than adequate.  There are time deductibles, generally 24 to 72 hours, which apply to this coverage and it can be written to include on and off premise interruptions.  If you are concerned, our expert account handlers are on on hand to discuss your situation and can recommend policy extensions where necessary.

Why choose Minuteman for your Utility Interruption Insurance needs?

Local trusted insurance advisors

Our New Hampshire specialists are located in-state. We produce policies based on the area requirements and aligned to your business needs. We are also licensed in many other states.

Cost-effective coverage

Our commercial insurance specialists partner with providers nationwide, so we can always secure the most economical coverage—the most benefits for the lowest insurance rates.

Expert claims specialists

When disaster strikes, you need to know you are in safe hands, and our expert advisers understand the intricacies of your account and policy. We see it as our job to help you obtain your benefits faster. If your claim is initially rejected, we will help you to overturn unfair rejections.

Contact us to keep things going when you lose connection—talk to us about Utility Interruption coverage.


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