Coastal Property Insurance

As the number of severe weather crisis escalates, an increasing percentage of insurers are cancelling or failing to approve new homeowner insurance policies. It is also common in coastal areas for a separate wind damage deductible to apply if the home is very close to the water. At Minuteman, we work closely with New Hampshire’s coastal communities to offer affordable Coastal Property Insurance.

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Why is Coastal Property Insurance necessary?

Events like Hurricane Sandy are projected to become more and more common. The damage these events cause is considerable. Some reinsurers, firms who insure the insurance companies, are refusing to cover these losses. Insurers are still keen to offer coastal homeowners the coverage they need—so Coastal Property Insurance is now offered as a separate policy with similar benefits as Homeowners Insurance but specific to beachfront properties.

How much does Coastal Property Insurance cost?

The costs of coastal property insurance can seem punitive. Here at Minuteman, we realize this is unfair to New Hampshire coastal homeowners, and we understand that the risks on New Hampshire’s relatively protected and short coastline are different than those of Connecticut or Massachusetts. We compare numerous insurance carriers to provide homeowners in Portsmouth and the Hamptons superb rates—but ultimately all policies are personalized to your property.

Why choose Minuteman for your New Hampshire Coastal Property Insurance needs?

You work with local experts

Our New Hampshire team are well-versed in handling coastal insurance claims. We have experienced and friendly agents in the Nashua, Manchester, Merrimack, Concord and Southern New Hampshire areas—and serve Portsmouth and the Hamptons specifically.

You get economical insurance quotes

We use our local knowledge of the New Hampshire coastal area to force down premiums from a range of providers.

Our claims specialists are on your side

Having invested in a premium solution to cover your home, our team who will handle your claim as fast and professionally as possible. We understand the details of coastal insurance coverage and have an exceptional success rate.

Protect your coastal property— talk to us about Coastal Property Insurance today.



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