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Modern businesses have a vulnerable infrastructure. Sadly employees and others are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities in information technology, data, and financial systems to commit crimes. This can be in the form of credit card or other financial fraud, the theft or destruction of data, and IT fraud originating from hacking. Slawsby Insurance offers Crime Insurance to protect your business from these increasing threats.

What does Crime Insurance cover?

Slawsby’s Crime insurance offers comprehensive coverage against many kinds of commercial crime:

  • Computer Fraud—If a computer is used to compromise a fund or unlawfully transfer money.
  • Employee Dishonesty—Protection against many forms of employee dishonesty that leads to the loss or destruction of money, securities, and property.
  • Forgery—If a signature is forged on a check or similar monetary vehicle.
  • Liability—Protection against claims from theft of client’s property stored in the workplace or at the client’s site
  • Theft—Coverage against theft or other loss of cash—up to $10,000, and this benefit can be extended to protect cash kept at home.

What isn’t covered by a Crime Insurance policy?

Limitations exist for those who work as attorneys or in the financial services industry. Crime Insurance has restrictions on what it will and won’t cover.

  • For example, if you unable to pay a supplier due to the loss of cash, your policy will replace the cash, but not the additional costs of being unable to pay the supplier on time.
  • If the crime is a result of your activity or a designated business partner’s actions, this is also excluded.

Talking with a Slawsby agent is the best way to find out what is and isn’t covered in a policy.

Choose Slawsby For All Your Business Insurance Needs

Local, Trusted Insurance Advisors
Our licensed agents are based across New Hampshire—and will work to produce a policy designed just for you. We customize insurance policies for businesses in New Hampshire and many other states.

Cost-effective Crime Insurance Rates
We scour the insurance market to secure the most economical premiums with all the bells, whistles, and benefits that you need to protect yourself and your business.

Claims Specialists on Your Team
Making a claim after criminal activity is stressful. Our claims specialists work with great diligence and sensitivity so you obtain your payout as soon as possible. 

Avoid adding the stress and burden of dealing with commercial crimes. Speak with us today.