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Unexpected bills from insurance-related expenses can not only affect your bottom line, but also take time away from business-critical decisions that your company needs you for. At Minuteman, we spend the time to help you be in control of your insurance. Our licensed commercial insurance specialists do annual reviews of insurance policies to keep your coverage up-to-date along with accurate application of relevant credits and other policy changes to reflect your firm’s ever evolving needs.

Slawsby offers numerous resources to help you create a safer workplace to avoid injuries on the job, and our in-house risk assessment consultants can help you take advantage of lower insurance rates from added safety features.

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What does Business Insurance cover?

From customer slipped & fell injuries – to computer damage due to a leaky roof – to accidents in company vehicles, your business has to be prepared for the potential financial impact from a wide range of risks. We can help with the following & much more:

    Accountants Insurance

    Accounting professionals know the importance of financially sound investments—choose insurance designed specifically for the accounting industry with Slawsby...

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    Business Auto Insurance

    Our commercial vehicle insurance covers everything from owner-operators of semis to delivery vans—and everything in between. Learn about discounts and...

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    Builder’s Risk Insurance

    Protect your building materials and equipment with Builders' Risk Insurance. For 85+ years Slawsby has been helping New Hampshire businesses...

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    Business Income

    Small business owners and self-employed individuals can protect their net profits with Business Income Insurance. Get the best coverage...

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    Business Property Insurance

    Don't let natural disasters, theft or vandalism wipe out your business. Commercial Property Insurance can protect your assets...

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    Contractors Insurance

    Stay competitive in today's market with cost-effective construction insurance. We provide customized insurance for contracting and constructing businesses who want...

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    Crime Insurance

    Crime Insurance protects your company from expensive loss and damage costs from criminal activity. Slawsby offers first-rate commercial insurance to...

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    Cyber Liability

    Protect your business from losses and damages associated with IT crime—invest in Cyber Insurance. Our specialists can help assess your...

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    Dentist Professional Liability Insurance

    Don't let a costly lawsuit get its teeth on your assets. We offer complete liability coverage to dentists in New England...

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    Design Professionals Insurance

    Architects, engineers, and other design professionals can protect themselves from lawsuits and other damages and loss...

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    Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors and Officers Insurance protects your management from expensive legal fees and loss of personal assets...

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    Electrician Insurance

    Being an electrician can be a risky and dangerous profession. Protect yourself and your clients by choosing Slawsby Insurance for your...

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    Electronics Industry Insurance

    The tech industry has its own share of risks that can skyrocket insurance rates. Electronics Industry Insurance bundles the insurance...

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    Employee Dishonesty Liability

    Don't let a dishonest staff member destroy your business. Invest in Employee Dishonesty Liability Insurance from Slawsby and protect your...

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    Employment Practices Liability

    Lawsuits can emerge from a number of situations—including employee-related interactions. Protect your New Hampshire business with Employment Practices Liability Insurance...

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    Energy Company Insurance

    From alternative energy to oil and gas, the risks and hazards of running an energy business can be multifaceted. Getting...

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    Environmental Insurance

    Pollution Liability is a form of Environmental Insurance that covers businesses in the case lawsuits resulting from pollution. Cleanup costs...

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    Equipment Breakdown Insurance

    Equipment breakdown insurance covers repair and replacement costs of equipment that keeps your business running...

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    Farm Insurance

    Protect your farm or ranch with customized insurance from Slawsby. Family farms to hobby farms—we can tailor a policy that...

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    Flood Insurance

    Most business owner policies don’t cover flood damage. Protect buildings and contents with commercial flood insurance from Slawsby.

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    Food Processor Insurance

    The nature of edible products make manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors at risk for expensive lawsuits not to mention damage to...

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    General Liability Insurance

    Protect your business with commercial general liability coverage. Already have CGL but want a better rate—talk with a licensed agent...

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    Hospitality Insurance

    Stay competitive with low insurance rates with our help. Our Hospitality Insurance is designed for hotels, motels, B&Bs, country clubs, bars...

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    Inland Marine Insurance

    Inland Marine Insurance protects you from loss and damage costs related to moving or storing cargo. Talk with Slawsby Insurance...

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    Landscaping Insurance

    Landscaping insurance varies with the unique needs of your business. Limit your risk to financial loss from accidents and lawsuits...

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    Lawyers Insurance

    Do you find your premiums for Lawyers Insurance continue to go up? Work with a local agent who will search...

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    Lessor’s Risk

    Building owners who rent out commercial space choose Lessor's Risk Insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits and property damage losses....

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    Loggers Insurance

    Whether you need equipment coverage for your grapple skidders, forwarder and harvesters or are looking the best policy to offer...

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    Best Commercial Insurance - New England
    Manufacturing Insurance

    Manufacturers face unique risks associated with their industry. Our risk management specialists can help you choose the best coverage for...

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    Medical Professional Liability Insurance

    Medical professionals can protect themselves from expensive lawsuits with customized insurance...

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    Printers Insurance

    The printing, graphic arts and web media industries have unique aspects that require an experienced insurance advisor for the right...

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    Product Liability Insurance

    From product developers to manufacturers and sellers, businesses that move product can be at risk for costly liability claims. Product...

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    Professional Liability Insurance
    Professional Liability Insurance

    Protect yourself and your assets with Professional Liability Insurance from Minuteman. Find out about our customized...

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    Real Estate Insurance

    Location is key in the real estate business—and working with a local insurance agent is too. Slawsby Insurance tailors Real Estate...

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    Meeting copy
    Social Services Insurance

    Does your for-profit or non-profit organization have the right coverage you need? Talk with us to review your current policy...

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    Store Insurance

    Retail Store Insurance offers coverage for New Hampshire business owners who want comprehensive insurance specific to the retail industry. Slawsby...

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    Technology Insurance

    Protect your New Hampshire tech firm with insurance from Slawsby. Technology Insurance is specifically designed to shield NH businesses from...

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    Utility Interruption Insurance

    Having your utilities interrupted creates havoc to daily operations. Protect your New Hampshire business with Utility Interruption Insurance from Slawsby...

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    Valuable Papers

    If your business has important paper documents, protect them with Valuable Papers Insurance. Replacing key records can be costly, Slawsby Insurance...

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    Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    Owning a business means taking care of your employees and having insurance such as Workers’ Compensation. Slawsby provides affordable employee...

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