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We realize your car collection is your pride and joy. You’ve invested time, effort, and love into attaining and maintaining your antique or vintage vehicle, and standard car insurance just won’t suffice. This is why Slawsby offers specialty car insurance that protects every cent of your investment for the car’s true worth.

Best Collector Car Insurance

What types of vehicles does Collector Car Insurance cover?

Our car policies are crafted just for you and your vehicle. As even everyday vehicles can be customized to become collector cars, we offer a range of specialty car insurance policies.

This flexible approach ensures there’s a policy that works for your car, truck or motorcycle:

  • Classic or Collectible Autos
  • Exotics
  • Vintage
  • Antique or Historic Vehicles, including fire engines and horseless carriages
  • Street Rods / Muscle Cars & Trucks
  • Custom Cars & Motorcycles

Since a collector car is special, it usually is not used every day. Standard policies have you agree on a mileage limit that will still allow you to take your car or truck for a spin or out on tour. As long as you stay in the mileage limit, you’re covered. If you do drive your car more, we match you with a policy that allows for more mileage.

Classic Car Show - Antique Vehicles

How does Speciality Auto Insurance protect you?

Most motor vehicles depreciate in value year over year—specialty cars are different—and the value increases more as times passes. Slawsby’s classic car policies work to protect the full value of the vehicle. We work with you and assess your vehicle and agree on a value, rather than settle claims on an actual cash value basis (cost new less depreciation)—this can be revisited as time passes or modifications and improvements are made.

Our policies can include a range of benefits such as:

  • Protection for your vehicle while it is being restored
  • Original spare parts coverage
  • Comprehensive & Collision coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Underinsured/Uninsured motorist
  • Emergency flatbed towing and repair work

Choose Slawsby for your New Hampshire Collector Car Insurance

Local Team of Experts – Our New Hampshire team of licensed insurance agents create policies specific to car collectors and auto aficionados. We have friendly agents in the southern New Hampshire and New England areas.

Lower Premiums – We hunt high and low, across many providers nationwide, to find the most competitive car insurance rate with the most benefits.

Claim Specialists – We put our customers first, so when you need to make the claim we’ll be diligent, quick, and thorough.

Protect your pride and joy Talk to us about Collector Car Insurance today.