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Wedding Insurance FAQs

Insurance Policy Basics: Weddings & Special Event

Wedding insurance is special event insurance that provides coverage for wedding mishaps such as venues closing, vendor no-shows, extreme weather, damaged gifts, sickness or injury and more. Click Here to see why Slawsby is ranked one of the best agencies for your ‘Big Day Coverage’ >

The cost of a wedding can be substantial. Tying the knot also means being tied to specific dates and financial commitments with a variety of vendors.

Basic wedding insurance policies (or “core coverage”) can reimburse you for non-recoverable deposits and purchases if covered circumstances beyond your control cause your wedding to be postponed or canceled. It also helps provide protection again issues including:

  • Postponement Due to Family Illnesses or Travel Delays
  • Military Deployment
  • Products or Services that Failed to Arrive (like flowers or food)
  • Bakers, Caterers, Bridal Boutiques & Wedding Venues that go out of business
  • No-show Photographers, DJs, Musical Acts, etc.
  • Lost or Damaged Wedding Rings, Dresses and Other Attire
  • Damaged Wedding Cake or Spoiled Food

Working with a Slawsby Insurance Professional to create a wedding insurance policy that helps address your individual needs and budget can protect you and your loved ones against many big day mishaps.

Consider choosing a coverage level at least equal to the amount you would stand to lose if you were forced to reschedule your wedding at the last minute. The cost of all your special day’s purchases and deposits you have made for your venue, gown, wedding rings, caterers, entertainment, flowers, cake, invitations, postage and more should be factored in.

Your insurance representative can help you determine which coverages and wedding policy limits best fit your needs and budget.

Wedding insurance starts at $160, with no deductible. Slawsby understands that there’s a lot to know when it comes to buying insurance — the types of options available, how much protection you need and what represents a fair price. That’s why it’s important to have an independent agent looking out for you and your family. Contact Us Today to go over your options >

It is recommended to secure insurance coverage as soon as you begin making deposits and purchases for your wedding in order to best protect your investment. Coverage can be purchased as early as two years or as late as 24 hours before your planned wedding day.  

Purchases you have already made will be covered, as long as you have the receipts and did not know of any impending or possible claim situations prior to purchasing your policy.

You should get your wedding insurance policy in the state where you live. 

Yes! As long as the policyholder and both brides or grooms are 18 years of age or older, any resident of the United States may purchase a basic policy.

Wedding Plan
Wedding and Jewelry Insurance - Slawsby

Venue & Liability Insurance

Special event liability coverage is an optional addition to your Wedding Insurance Plan. It covers bodily injury, property damage and personal injuries at the venues where your wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner will be held. Some venues may even require you to show proof of liability insurance prior to booking with them.

You can add venues to your policy as named insureds at no additional cost. Extra protection, such as liquor liability insurance, can be purchased separately. Your insurance representative can help you determine which additional coverage options and limits best fit your needs and budget.

Liquor liability coverage is an option that is designed to help protect you against the potentially high cost of injuries, damage or lawsuits resulting from alcohol-related accidents that may occur during your wedding ceremony, reception or rehearsal dinner. This coverage can be added to your basic liability policy for a nominal fee, and is recommended if alcohol will be served at any of your wedding events.

Wedding liability insurance is an optional coverage that can cover damages to the venue or injuries to guests. This optional addition to your wedding policy starts at $165 and requires the purchase of wedding cancellation coverage.

The liability portion of your policy remains in force until 2 a.m. the morning following your insured event date.

The venues where your wedding ceremony, reception and dinner rehearsal will be held can be insured under your policy at no additional cost. In most cases, special wording is not a problem either — however, you should contact your insurance representative or call our customer service line for assistance with the specific language requirements so we can determine if the terms are acceptable.

Covered Special Event Circumstances

Yes! Coverage is available if there is an unexpected illness, injury or death that prevents the honorees (i.e., the bride or groom), their parents, grandparents, children or ceremony officials from attending the wedding. Speak with your insurance representative or refer to your policy for full details regarding the exclusion of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

As COVID-19 is a known infectious disease and presents circumstances that may reasonably give rise to cancellation and/or postponement of your event, coverage will not be afforded in any way for such circumstance.

If circumstances beyond your control, such as withdrawal of military leave, cause you to postpone your wedding, you may be reimbursed for non-recoverable expenses.

If your wedding is canceled due to a necessary and unavoidable covered reason, any non-recoverable honeymoon expenses, such as travel and accommodations, may be covered under the cancellation/postponement provision of your Wedding Insurance Plan (up the policy limits). *Postponement or cancellation of the honeymoon for any other reason will not be covered.

Wedding insurance does not provide coverage if either the bride or groom changes their mind and does not want to proceed with the wedding.

Deposits of the honorees (i.e., the bride or groom) and their “immediate family” could be covered. “Immediate family” is defined as the spouse, parents, stepparents, children, grandparents, siblings or legal guardian of an honoree who has paid for or signed a contract for any item, service or location covered under the policy.

It is important to keep all receipts and contracts in case you need to file a claim.

Wedding Insurance Coverage