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Don’t limit your company’s growth or work because of ill-chosen insurance plans. Give yourself the business you deserve with the Slawsby insurance policy you need. From on the ground dangers with machinery and electrical lines to in office work, let us find an insurance plan that works for you.

Spend your time figuring out how to grow your company and leave the worrying to us. Your customized coverage is crafted just for you. Let your business thrive, by choosing Slawsby as your commercial insurance provider. Already have insurance for your energy company? Call (603) 429-1776 to compare rates and verify that you are fully protected.

Why do you need Energy Company Insurance?

In the energy sector, there are risks and dangers in doing the work you love. From accidents with heavy machinery and on-site injuries to energy-related client claims, having the right protection is necessary. Whether you’re maintaining gas lines, installing electrical grids, or investing in alternative energy like solar or wind, your unique situation deserves a personalized plan designed just for you.

Having the wrong or inadequate coverage can ruin your company through intense legal fees and litigation, even if you aren’t at fault. When you work with our licensed insurance agent team in the New England area, you can be sure your company, employees and clients will be protected. We are here to provide you with the coverage now so you can grow your company tomorrow.

What does Energy Company Insurance cover?

From electrical co-ops to electricity generating companies, we can find a plan for you. Your Slawsby agent is ready to help you craft a plan that works for you at the most affordable price. Each policy is unique and can contain some of the items below:
Why choose Slawsby for your Energy Company Insurance in the New England area?

When you choose Slawsby for your energy company insurance needs in the New England area, you are choosing to put your company first. Our insurance agency has over 85 years in the business of providing high-quality protection for companies just like yours, so you can be sure you are working with a superior team. Take pride in your business and feel ease when it comes to growing your company. With annual audits, highly trained and licensed agents and on-demand customer service, you know you are getting the best. Let us work for you, Contact Us Today!