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Protect Your Mobile Home Business 
with Slawsby Insurance

Mobile Home / Trailer Park Insurance

Protect yourself from the risks involved in running and managing a mobile home park. Get the most competitive  mobile home park business coverage at the best value with your Slawsby team.

Mobile Home Park Insurance
Manufactured Housing Dealer Insurance

Dealer and “Open Lot” coverage protects your dealership’s inventory & more. Minimize your risk in all the areas that specifically impact your manufactured housing business with Slawsby.

Transporter & Installer Insurance

Unlike a traditional home, manufactured homes are rarely purchased on the property where they will stay. Get the best coverage for your business as you move your customer’s new homes.

Mobile Home Installation Insurance
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What does Business Insurance cover?

From residents injuries on communal area – to accidents in company vehicles, your mobile home business has to be prepared for the potential financial impact from a wide range of risks. We can help with the following & much more:

    Location, Location

    Mobile Home Parks

    While the tenants living in your mobile home park may own their home, there are still many risks involved in running and managing a manufactured housing community.

    Mobile Home Dealer

    Open Lot Insurance

    As a manufactured housing dealer, you have invested a substantial amount of capital in your business. The potential cost of a natural disaster, consumer claim or on-premises injury could put you out of business if you are not properly insured. Slawsby Insurance is here to help!

    From A to B

    Transporting & Installing

    Whether you are in the business of selling and transporting your inventory of manufactured homes or you are strictly offering the service of hauling mobile and manufactured homes to their final address, there are plenty of risks to consider in providing this service. Work with Slawsby and you will no longer feel uneasy during the mobile home’s commute from its original location to its final destination.