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Real estate is a complex and fast-moving industry, with plenty of opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to profit. As with any industry, there are specific risks and liability exposure common to all companies. Slawsby offers comprehensive policies to cover real estate agents, brokers, and managers.

What does Real Estate Insurance cover?

Slawsby’s Real Estate Insurance solutions cover specific risks and are designed with your New England real estate business in mind.
  • Business Property coverage shields you from damage caused by windstorms, fires or other perils. The policy also offers extensive damage coverage to properties across your portfolio.
  • Business Income coverage cushions you while your structures are being reconstructed by paying operating expenses and filling the gap in rental income loss.
  • Professional Liability provides a defense against specific types of lawsuits resulting from your real estate business operations from those who work at or visit your properties, and can cover certain types of slander and libel suits.
  • A Directors & Officers policy offers full coverage for real estate directors and officers to meet the costs of fiduciary liability protection when assets lose value.

Why choose Slawsby for your Real Estate Insurance needs?

Local Agents – Our New Hampshire team is fully trained, qualified, and experienced. They are familiar chapter and verse with all aspects of Real Estate Insurance, and always on hand to assist with claims. We are licensed in New Hampshire and many other states.

Cost-EFFECTIVE Rates – Through our nationwide network, we analyze and compare offers from multiple providers. The outcome is economical quotes packed full of benefits.

Expert Claims Specialists – Our experienced agents work rapidly and diligently when preparing a claim. We work to get all the facts to support the case and attain decisions fast. We are on your side.

Protect your real estate businesstalk to us about Real Estate Insurance today.