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Working with nature as a landscaper can be rewarding in so many ways, yet it also carries many risks as a profession. Whether you are engaged in seasonal work or have a business running year round, obtaining insurance can help you focus on doing what you love best. At Minuteman, we are here to protect you and your business. Leave the insurance to us while you make the world a beautiful place.

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Why do you need landscaping insurance?

Anytime your business works with the public, it is essential to get insurance. Being a mobile business also opens you up to risk exposures. You can’t predict or prevent every accident or mistake, but you can prepare yourself for when they happen. From theft, equipment damage, landscaping mistakes, damaged property, to even injuries of you or your client, getting insurance is the best way to guarantee you’re prepared.

Whether you are landscaping gardens, providing lawn care services or engaged in tree pruning having insurance can bring a sense of safety to your clients and yourself. Don’t make your business riskier than it already is — get a customized insurance plan that is designed just for you by choosing Minuteman. Our expert team is ready to work with you today.

What does landscaping insurance cover?

Get the insurance plan that fits you and your business by working with the highly trained Minuteman insurance agents. You will be able to get coverage the protects you, your employees, your equipment and your clients. With plans crafted for you, you can work confidently and professionally in the New England area. Some policies that you will be able to choose from include:

If you have employees, you might be interested in policies such as:

Why choose Minuteman for your landscaping insurance in the New England area?

Just like your customers, you want the best in the business, and you deserve the same. Working with our highly trained licensed agents can grant you the peace of mind you need to run a successful landscaping company. For over 80 years Minuteman has been there to protect small businesses. From annual audits to on-demand customer service we are there to make sure your insurance plan works for you.

Treat yourself and your business to a company that is loyal and provides faithful service with an honest value. Experience the best team possible by having Minuteman on your side. Leave the worrying up to us while you enjoy sharing your green thumb with the world.


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